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5 pcs microfiber cleaning cloths 800 gsm - 20cmx30cm -dual sided

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  • ☆【Car drying towel absorbent and lint-free】- 8 inches x 12 inches, Small size, made of 80% polyester fiber and 20% nylon. These non-abrasive cleaning wipes can immediately absorb moisture in the car without leaving lint or streaks. These dry car wash towels are lightweight, absorbent and dry quickly. Use them every day to enjoy your home cleaning.
  • ☆【Super soft microfiber, lint-free, no scratches】The soft, non-abrasive cleaning cloth will not scratch the coating, paint or other surfaces. These super absorbent microfiber cleaning cloths can immediately absorb the workbench and The moisture on the table will not leave fluff or streaks.
  • ☆【High water absorption and wide application】These microfiber cleaning towels have excellent water absorption. They absorb more water and dry faster than cotton. In addition, the microfiber cleaning wipes have strong stitches and reinforced edges that can be washed and reused hundreds of times. These super soft microfiber cloths are very suitable for cleaning tasks such as cars, homes, offices, kitchens, garages, and furniture.
  • ☆【Reusable, durable, and money-saving】 These microfiber cloths are made of high-quality sutures, edge-reinforced to prevent spreading, very durable, durable, light weight, strong water absorption, and dry quickly. Can be used every day to enjoy your happy cleaning, can be reused hundreds of times, saving a lot of money.
  • 【Use and maintenance】Hand wash or machine wash separately from other items, separate with warm water. Do not use fabric softener. Do not bleach, do not iron. Always keep dry after use.
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