About Us

About Microfiber!

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean but to feel happiness living within that environment. Cleaning has been a matter of concern since ancient times for people of every century. The ways and methods have been changing with the advancement of the society. The process of cleaning has been revolutionized with the invention of microfiber cloth. Nobody seems to be aware of when and where this extraordinary tissue was invented. Sweden had started marketing the first microfiber back in 1990. 

Gone are the days when you would clean and dust your home with whatever rag of cloth you found. With the specialized Microfiber cleaning cloths, you can get rid of all the dust, grime, wet patches and bacteria instantly and effectively. It is apparent that the benefits of microfiber are so outstanding for cleaning that we can no longer do without it.


“Sobby” is a buyer centric and quality oriented Brand. We manufacture the finest Microfiber Cleaning Cloth available and at a very competitive prices. Our versatile Sobby Microfiber Gloves and Cloths are made from split microfibers, giving our product a completely new definition. We sell our products Direct to the end user through our website and various online platforms ( AMAZON, Flipkart, etc.) in India. We believe in providing the best buying experience to our customers.

How we started

Since our childhood days we were very particular about cleaning. We incorporated various tools for cleaning. May it be our home or our office. We used all the traditional as well as modern methods for cleaning. Every tool we used had it’s own merits and demerits. Some would clean well but would not dry and vice versa. Sometimes the cloth we used left smudge on the surface. Then we came across a microfiber cloth in my friend’s office. We witnessed that his furniture and all the glass furnishing was gleaming like the new one. And there we found the secret of microfiber cleaning cloths!   With the idea to revolutionize the idea of cleaning the inception of the Sobby Microfiber Company took place in 2015.

Since then, we are lucky to be connected with so many people and gain their trust. We are very pleasured and dedicated to serve the best product to our people. There are lot of choices out there but you chose us out for your needs and that means a lot to us. We hope to be the first choice you think of.

Thanking you for your support we would always welcome your suggestions regarding our products to serve you even better and further add value to you through our goods and services.